At what altitude is the campsite located?
“Under the Beech” is at 1200 m a.s.l.
What are the temperatures in summer?
Temperatures can be very variable, a rain can make them drop suddenly. Being in the mountains you must always be equipped for the cold.
Is it true that cell phones don't work?
Yes, it will seem strange, but there are still quiet places where phones don't pick up and there's no WIFI network so WHATSAPP and other social networks don't work either. However, our landline is available for emergencies and to be available. Before going up, warn your family and friends that you will not be reachable so as not to worry them unnecessarily.
How will our children survive without smartphones?
Experience teaches us that young people have no problem staying without it and very naturally try to make new friends. There are many parents who appreciate the resulting serenity and the simplicity with which you can do without this ubiquitous tool for a few days.
Where are the closest shops? Where can you shop food?
Grocery stores, butchers and pharmacies are located in Entracque, 10 km from the campsite. The first supermarket is in Borgo San Dalmazzo, 24 km from the campsite. Other shopping centers are located in Cuneo, 30 km from the campsite.